Bear Hunt Rates

6 Day hunts: $1800 US (last two weeks in may)

  • Week 1 (3rd week of May) – 7 hunters in camp
  • Week 2 (4th week of May) – 7 hunters in camp

These are the two weeks offered because they have proven over time to be the best producing weeks of the spring.  Any earlier and the bears aren’t really moving because they just woke up and there’s not much for cover on the trees so they end up just laying around the den.  Hunt much later after these weeks and the bears coats start to shed and get all ratty not making for a very nice rug or mount.  We know, we’ve been there.

Some Notes:

  1. You arrive on a Sunday and leave next Sunday morning
  2. Call for exact dates for current years hunts
  3. Sometimes weeks have more or less than 7 hunters (14 total tags)
  4. Call about questions for Fall dates

Your 6 Day hunt includes:

  • Guide Services
  • Lodging
  • Meals
  • Transportation to and from baits (if needed)
  • Preparation of Trophy (skinning, freezing, etc..)

Not Included:

  • License (about $220 US, this depends on current exchange rate, just ask)
  • Travel costs such as flights, rentals, gas, etc…
  • If flying, pickup arrangements may be available at additional cost, however you are asked to fly into Regina, Saskatchewan if you’re requesting pick up.

$900 deposit is required at booking of hunt.

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