Planning Your Hunt

Trip Information to Help You Plan

If Flying in you have two Options:

#1 – Regina Int’l Aiport – Regina, Saskatchewan  - 3hrs away –

  • Find out which Airlines fly to RIA by clicking here
  • Find out which Hotels are near RIA by clicking here
  • Find out which Car Rentals are in RIA by clicking here

#2 – Minot Int’l Airport – Minot, North Dakota – 5hrs away

  • Find out which Airlines fly to MIA by clicking here
  • Find out which Hotels are near MIA by clicking here
  • Find out which Car Rentals are in MIA by clicking here

If Driving here is some info to help you plan a route

#1 – Get an idea where camp is and a map by following these steps:

  • Step 1 – go to the camp “linked” google maps by clicking here
  • Step 2 – click the “get directions” tab in the upper left corner
  • Step 3 – put where you’re driving from in the “A” box and click ‘get directions’
  • Step 4 – print out directions, click the “print” icon in the upper right of the map

*note – camp is not specifically in Kamsack, Sashatchewan but about 30 minutes away.

# 2 – You’ll receive a specific hand drawn map to camp

*Note this map will explain what roads to take off of highway 83(most people come in this way) as you get close to camp.  There are even signs on the road helping you locate Bear Claw’s camp.

Things to think of and bring for your hunt:

  • Binoculars
  • Knife
  • Firearm/Bow
  • Ammo/Arrows
  • Gun/Bow Case
  • Hunting Clothes (be prepared for wet, cold, or warm – any can happen)
  • Hats/Gloves/Sun Glasses
  • Boots/Rubber boots
  • Tree Stand Safety gear
  • Rain/Mosquito Suite/Head Net
  • Thermal cell
  • Camera/Video Camera
  • SD cards/tapes/camera stuff
  • Orange clothing if Rifle hunting
  • and any other amenities you prefer to have along

*Note Saskatchewan law requires rifle hunters to wear red, blaze orange, or yellow from the waist up including hat.  Camouflage clothing is permitted when using a muzzle loader or bow and arrow.

Check Current Camp Weather Conditions

To find out the current weather near camp just click here

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