The Hunt

About Your Hunt

Even though your not in a stand, once you start making your way into the vast wilderness of Saskatchewan, Canada you know your hunt and your adventure has already begun.  When you arrive at camp the first thing you’ll do is get settled into your cabin with all your gear.  Then come to the main lodge to receive your license.  After that you can grab a bite to eat and if you get to camp early enough on the day you arrive you can go hang your stands and even hunt if your so inclined to.

During your stay at camp mornings bring the ripe aroma of a home cooked breakfast for to you wake up to.  At 1pm, unless you’ve decide to hit the stand already, a big dinner will be provided.  Lastly after the evenings hunt is over and you’re back in camp you’ll be treated to warm or cold lunch in the main lodge depending on what time you get back. Here your big meal is at 1pm with the entire camp because with hunting and dealing with bears you shoot, not everyone gets back to camp at the same time.  So ‘grab and go style’ lunches are prepared for the hunters when they return giving them the option to retire early if they’d like.

To get to your stand you have several options. Most hunters do bring their own four-wheelers along and you’re encouraged to do so but you’ll get to your stand one way or another as some baits will take a truck drive to get to.  In those cases you’ll be taken to the bait and then picked up after that days hunt has ended.

When you get your bear, of course you’ll have help tracking (if needed) and getting the bear back to camp.  Then you’ll have some pictures taken with your trophy.  Skinning and processing is offered as part of your hunt but your welcome to par take in any part of your bears processing.  A walk in freezer is on site to make sure your trophy and meat stay absolutely fresh until you leave for home.

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